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Forwarded from Down the rabbit hole we go... 🐰🍿 (Crystal Roughan)
New information!
Is this what the term ‘running scared’ means....?

Says in effect 17 of December, last updated 19 of November.
Forwarded from We The Media (Joe M)
This is incredible. Don't understate. After the crooked globalist Austrian government imposed mandatory vaccines and lockdowns of the unvaccinated, a shocking development on the world stage, the army and police in Austria are joining a nationwide protest tomorrow and are refusing to enforce the mandate. The government is basically being held hostage by their forces, rendering them powerless. It's like a soft coup.
Forwarded from ULTRA Pepe Lives Matter 🐸 (Pepe Lives Matter)
What a title for the upcoming Ghislaine Maxwell trial:
"Everybody's absolutely horrified"
Does everyone have enough popcorn? 🍿
Forwarded from Kirstie
Watch "Magical Video 🎥 Wow 😯 This Is Powerful…" on YouTube
Watch "Why Empaths Feel Bad - Teal Swan" on YouTube