JC Kay – Quantum Truths – Psychic-Medium

JC Kay – Quantum Truths – Psychic-Medium
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JC Kay burst onto the Social Media scene, and into the public's awareness in a few short weeks, with a mission to speak her truth in a world that was being silenced.
JC is a Psychic-Medium, Artist, Spiritual Warrior, Truth Seeker and Cosmic Traveller.
In a seemingly innocent series of events, JC created a Facebook Group, and a YouTube channel, (“Quantum Truths JC Kay”), with a simple intent to document her Astral Journeys that she was experiencing during her Meditation practice. This catapulted JC into the public eye, after she felt an intense “soul urge” to share her visions, spiritual truths, hidden worlds beneath Australia, Uluru and the Vatican, and her very raw conversations in order to awaken the masses.

Please sign up HERE, to keep you updated on JC Kay’s latest information and videos: https://aw189e77.aweb.page/p/a6dd6018-ceac-4cb1-bcc5-0407eae9b5ec

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