What’s it all about?


My aim is to create a database and information portal.

There are so many gifted people all around us and hopefully we can share our gifts and knowledge to a wider audience.

Education, Community, Therapies and truth is where we need to go. This is my contribution to the journey we are on.

I want to create and provide a Quantum Portal – this will comprise of a building, grounds, kitchens, workshop space, accommodation, camping spaces and facilities for members to use all year round and to fit our community needs. 

We are in a tricky climate at the moment but having gained my experience through my various enterprises, I have covered all the “covid” bases and can make it adhere to current Government guidelines .

I have also made viable plans for its further funding for its up keep and its sustainability for the future.


Our community is transient due to its current structure and we have no “home” and I feel that this is really important for us as in these interesting times to be nurtured and grounded and connected to each other, more than we are currently.

So, with this in mind, please support The Quantum Portal and our vision of a safe space to further our community and educational purpose.

The Quantum Portal is a non-profit community organisation.

If you would like to help or have any questions please Email us.